Oldfield Inc.

Norwich University - Military College of Vermont BS 1993
Lindenwood University-St.Charles, MO - MBA/International Business 1997

John Oldfield began his company in 2005, after many years of working in the private and public sectors. He immediately became a California Licensed contractor with a C61/D35 license. He has completed extensive training in pool hydraulics and water chemistry. In 2006, he competed the Genesis 3 Pool and Watershape Construction School conducted by the Genesis 3 Design Group, a world renouned group of high quality pool contractors.

In 2006, Oldfield Inc. was designated the Official Northern California SonarGuard Pool Security System Dealer and Installer. The SonarGuard Pool Security System is an advanced sonar based security system, built into the pool shell. The company began with local sales in the San Jose/South Bay areas, and quickly expanded to installing systems in Redding, Napa, Calistoga, and Fresno.

In 2007, John Oldfield completed the requirements and testing for the C-53 Pool Builders License in the State of California. He believes that a quality pool professional should have as much knowledge as possible about pools, from the soil the pool is built in, to the water chemistry systems installed for the sanitation.

Oldfield Inc continues to grow and expand their services, for both commercial and residential customers.